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Hey, I'm Back!

A lot has changed in the past 3 years since the first idea of this website popped into my head, but I smile just by thinking about it now. I decided to be fierce and take a charge of my own lifestyle which later on actually helped me in many areas of my life; from building the career of my dreams, setting off to explore the world, crafting healthy masterpieces in the kitchen and saying my hardest goodbye. While Fitnessita and me have a hot and cold relationship, it has helped me grow physically, mentally and spiritually, and I hope that this time around, it does the same for you.

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Nutrition Section

Your body needs fuel and in order to give it what it needs, you have to understand how it functions.



Training Section

Your body can grow stronger many different ways, so learn how to pick out a workout that works best for you.


Body & Soul

Body & Soul Section

Being calm and relaxed is really important in a world, that is determined to make you stressed out. Learn how to let go of negativity.

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