Fitnessita Anamarija RokAll great things start with a thought, idea, vision… whatever you want to call it. You wake up in the middle of the night with a great name for a brand you wished to start and then you go for it. It’s not complicated, it’s just simple math.

Ideas + Effort = Results.

The hardest part is to start and that’s where people make the first mistake. They freak out and they stop right before they begin. I am also guilty of this. This project would stay on the sidelines if I would be able to ignore my strong inner connection to it. But here’s the thing about passion. You can’t ignore it because it always keeps crawling back into your mind. So just jump. Do it for yourself.

When I first began working out I didn’t really do it for me. I did it because my (now ex) boyfriend made comments about my ass being flat as a pancake on a daily basis. It gave me motivation, but the wrong kind. If you’re working to please everybody else, you’re eventually going to reach a dead end. So choose the path that is right for you and that journey starts from within.

I am not a personal trainer, certified nutritionist or a meditation guru. I’m just a normal girl like you who is trying to feel good in her skin. Before I started this website I was absolutely clueless. Lifting weights at the gym? As if!

But as I started sweating through Kayla Itsines BBG program, conjuring up healthy recipes in the kitchen and focusing on my self-growth, I realized it really felt good. It wasn’t just about filling my favorite pair of jeans with some booty anymore, it was about me. All of me.

And that’s what Fitnessita is all about. Loving yourself. I know sometimes this is is easier said than done, but don’t stop trying. You don’t need to fit somebody else’s definition of perfect. It’s not about being perfect anyway. It’s about that good feeling you get when you overcome your fears, jump over obstacles and see the progress you’ve made. So, find out what works best you and be the best you can. If not today, then the next day. Or the next month. Or the next year.

Be that girl who wakes up with purpose and intent. It will be your biggest investment. I can guarantee, that with every extra step you take, the universe will meet you there. So keep going and I’ll try my best to help you along the way. You, my wonderful reader, are the main reason this website is alive again. So invite your friends, ask questions, send over your thoughts and most important, have fun on new Fitnessita website.